We are a diverse coalition of organizations and individuals committed to building the transportation systems the Charlotte area needs if it is to grow and prosper in an equitable, sustainable way. The coalition is convened, facilitated, and funded by Sustain Charlotte. If you or your organization want to help further this work, we invite you to join us.

LYNX uptown Charlotte
Vision: We envision a vibrant, sustainable, and equitable Charlotte region fully connected through investments in walking, biking, and public transit options that enhance the quality of life for all people and communities.


Through partnership and collaborative efforts, we support and engage communities and people with the resources to advocate for walking, biking, and public transit options that are equitable, efficient,
sustainable, and safe.

We support transportation choices that connect people to jobs, education, housing, healthcare, healthy food options, art, cultural resources, and each other.

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  1. All of Charlotte’s neighborhoods deserve equitable development. Equitable development calls for high-quality transportation investments to be prioritized in under-resourced Black and Brown communities in such a way that allows these communities to remain affordable (both transportation and housing costs) to residents.
  2. Black and Brown communities need to be heard to counter the negative effects of inequitable past transportation and land use policy.
  3. In order to create equitable development, planning processes should be transparent and public engagement should be proactive.


  1. All people should be able to travel safely and with dignity on any mode of transportation in Charlotte.
  2. Transportation policy investments should eliminate barriers so that people of all ages and abilities can use the full transportation network.
  3. Investments should be made to advance the Vision Zero goal of eliminating serious traffic fatalities and serious injuries by 2030.


  1. Transportation investments should minimize both local air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Transportation system investments should support community and climate resilience.


  1. Charlotte’s transportation system should provide access for all people to reach jobs, education opportunities, healthcare, healthy food, leisure activities, and other desirable destinations.
  2. Car ownership should not be a prerequisite to fully participating in society.
  3. Public transit should be fast, frequent, reliable, and walkable (for 1st-mile last-mile trips).